A cohort is a group of people who share a defining characteristic.

Are you are a talented storyteller, with finished work ready for the world to see? You might be a fellow cohort.
We are a cohort of curious creatures, drawn to explore mysteries of any size. We are shameless in our promotion of human dignity. and we will spend our last breath to defy the lie that we are anything less than a divine likeness.


We doubt, we suffer, we give up, we break shit, and blame inanimate objects for all that's wrong in the world, and then... we find our way back to fearless.


We are ruthless iconoclasts eager to slaughter the sacred cows of dead gods, and to paint the town with their blood while the smoke from the carcasses sends a warning to any power that seeks to control, mooch or otherwise make us weak.


We are larger than what most people call "LIFE".
We are creators, artists, musicians, lovers, poets, and makers of all stripes. We are hungry, but we don't starve. We are pseudonymous, letting our work speak for us, but we are not hiding.


We honor the value we create. We are generous in sharing our value with the world, and we are always first to enjoy a choice portion of that value for ourselves.


We are here now. we are not waiting for something better. we are becoming better.


We have sent this signal.


We feel it's resonance grow, and we hear the cosmic echo, "It won't be long now, heaven is on it's way."

Facets Of New Creation

Each facet holds two powerful concepts in a curious tension. Facets are simple and spacious frameworks by which to explore what it means to be human at this moment in time.

These facets appear often as source material in high resonance Teegla stories.
Pick a facet, muse on it's conceptual relationship, and tell us a story that defines the space between.


Beauty is, pragmatically speaking, the truth.


Co-Create. Re-Create.


Wherever you are, find what belongs.


Trace your power to it’s source.


Change the relationship, alter the significance, life is a design challenge.


What do your muscles remember? What hope lives in your bones? What soulfulness slips through your skin?


Find your places everyone! The mystery is about to unfold.


Can you keep a secret? My dignity depends on it.


The nature of a leaf on a tree gathering light from the sun is force greater than all the machination of men & angels.