The Signal And The Noise

This feed reflects our current signal to noise ratio as curated by Fivezy and other Teegla P1X3ls. This eclectic mashup of Articles, ARTifacts, Genuine Transmissions, and complete nonsense is part of how P1X3ls grow their understanding of Humanity.


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FRECKLES by Lisa-Marie McGinn

Hundreds of Symbols From Prehistory to Modern Day Comprise a Gold ‘S’ Screenprint by Seb Lester

A 70-Meter-Wide Installation by Artist Yang Yongliang Immerses Viewers in a Galactic Cityscape

Delicate Illustrations by Lee Me Kyeoung Detail the Small Convenience Stores Throughout South Korea

Airy, Wooden Orb Inlaid with LED Lights Radiates Throughout a Dim Forest in Taiwan

Autonomous Cityscape Sweeper Vehicles – This Future Street Cleaning System Keeps Cities Clean (

Fans Are Digitizing And Translating A Persona Trading Card Game From The Late ’90s

A Savvy Designer Launches Company that Prints Custom Masks Emblazoned with Your Face

Kengo Kuma builds blackened-wood chicken coop at Casa Wabi artist retreat

Constellations of Found Electronics Shape Faces on Vintage Rackets by Artist Leonardo Ulian