In a world of NSFW we have gone the extra mile by creating a line of shirts that are NSFA, (Not Safe for Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime). These designs represent our commitment to equality and fairness by allowing those brave enough to wear them in public the chance to equally offend everyone on the political spectrum.

Are you sick and tired of finishing the sentences of friends and family who have become predictable through their dehumanizing belief in one or more of the political ideologies on offer today?

You want to help, but maybe you're not sure how to tell them they've defiled themselves by gobbling up the long cock of empire.

Good news! We guaranTEE these designs will speak more clearly than 1000 words. For extra credit wear one to your next political rally and pop a selfie on Insta #teegla. Preferably, just before you start a riot.

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