Homeless Coin

GET IN ON THE NEXT BIG CRYPTOSCAM... Trade in your hard earned hopium for the smug satisfaction that crypto of any kind can, "fight the man" and "take down the banks". If you want to find out who Satoshi Nakamoto is, start your search at the CIA.

To the moon suckaz!

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    Printed with eco-friendly inks on high quality, pre-shrunk, fitted apparel.
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    Every ARTifact you buy brings us a few credits closer to our next Teegla transmission.
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    Remember...Safety 3rd!

ARTifacts Power Teegla

Each ARTifact you buy provides the power needed to transmit the next Teegla story. Some Rare and Ultra-Rare ARTifacts can play a role in these stories.

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Sign up for alerts on new items before they drop. This is your best shot at aquiring rare and ultra-rare ARTifacts.