The Signal & The Noise

A journal of slow truth about Teegla

There Is Signal...

Like a complex and rare symphony, the glorious saga of humanity plays across the cosmos. Teegla are the family of stories that fold space and time to resonate with the exquisite music of the human experience.


The body of a stringed instrument shares a sympathetic response to each note played. This resonance fills the wood and shapes the musical tone.


In the same way, many beings throughout the cosmos share a sympathetic response to mankind. This response is amplified when tuned to resonate with dramatic moments in human history.


These are moments in our journey when we reach a threshold. A line that once crossed will bring a change in the music. Will this new melody strengthen the unfolding beauty of a complex and delicate harmony, or will it crash into dissonance, density and darkness?


For every note struck there is a Teegla resonance. Stories drawn to us that unfold, and echo the wisdom, the delights, and the warnings inherent in our own story.

And There Is Noise

The quality of a signal is often expressed quantitatively as the signal-to-noise ratio, which is the ratio of the true underlying signal amplitude to the standard deviation of the noise.


Humankind has crafted the most comprehensive communication systems in history. Ancient forces which draw their power from our willing participation in their empires are now using these systems to blanket the earth in noise.


They do not rest in their attempt to drown out the signal, hold our attention hostage, and make us weak. No one is immune to their influence, and many of humanities best and brightest are held in thrall by these powers.


Can you discern between the signal and the noise?


As the volume of noise increases, the work of parsing the signal becomes more challenging. We are able to find teegla on your primitive web, but the network interference is getting worse.


The good stuff happens when cohorts gather to embody the human story, and strengthen the signal. The music grows stronger, and the resonance throughout the cosmos is deafening.


Wherever you see  pay attention. You may find Teegla, a welcome reminder that there is more to this story


…and more to your story.