Virtue Signal

BE A VIRTUOSO... The world needs Virtue Signals to shine like beacons of light in this dark time. Let this be a reminder to yourself first of the great and God-like virtue humanity is meant to embody...let your identity politics be all about the classics, LOVE, JOY, PEACE, PATIENCE, GOODNESS, SELF-MASTERY...against such things there's no law.

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    Printed with eco-friendly inks on high quality, pre-shrunk, fitted apparel.
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    Every ARTifact you buy brings us a few credits closer to our next Teegla transmission.
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    Remember...Safety 3rd!

ARTifacts Power Teegla

Each ARTifact you buy provides the power needed to transmit the next Teegla story. Some Rare and Ultra-Rare ARTifacts can play a role in these stories.

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