Teegla are stories told throughout the cosmos that resonate with the human experience.

Teegla Vol. 1

Anarchy reigns, after a mysterious thief robs the city of cred. Hover is the only witness to the crime...
Each ARTifact sold provides the power we need to produce the next Teegla Volume.
Each ARTifact is Designed to Explore, Subvert, and Strengthen the stories we live by.

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 an ongoing journal of Teegla Discoveries.


PIXAL - to be insane with majesty and awe; to have capibility to blow the mind of every person born EVER; to be the most great thing on planet earth at any given time.
- Urban Dictionary
Teegla P!XAL's are digital creatures trained to parse signal from noise.
This eclectic mashup of Articles, ARTifacts, Genuine Transmissions, and utter nonsense shows they still have a lot to learn.